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5 surprising benefits of drinking tea

Most tea lovers know there are benefits to drinking their favourite beverage. For centuries, cultures around the world have turned to tea to help treat different ailments.

Today, a mounting body of research not only proves what people have known for years. It is also pointing to new benefits found in tea that promote a modern healthy lifestyle.

Boosts energy

There are a few properties in tea that makes it a good partner for workouts by promoting fat burning and delivering a sustained energy burst.

Most teas contain caffeine. However, unlike coffee, the low amount of caffeine in green tea specifically along with an amino acid known as L-theranine has a one-two punch that makes it superior to the jolt you get from drinking coffee. The energy boost from green tea is longer-lasting and sustained than coffee. This allows for greater focus and energy minus the crash that one gets from coffee.

Caffeine and also the antioxidants in green tea also stimulate thermogenesis in the body which increases the body’s ability to burn fat and has the benefit of increasing muscle endurance.

There are many delicious and unique ways to incorporate tea into your diet. You can try a green tea smoothie, which can be made with a variety of ingredients such as fruits, yogurt, and honey or brew it with different herbs and spices such as ginger, lemon, and mint for added flavor and health benefits. Check out Simply beyond herbs to find out different ways to use tea that boost your energy levels.

It’s hydrating

While some people may drink a cup of coffee before hitting the gym for the energy rush. But anybody who works out regularly knows that being dehydrated during a session can impede the results you’re looking to achieve and even leave you feeling weaker. 

Tea is the superior workout companion because, unlike coffee, it is a hydrating beverage.

So whether you’re at the gym, practicing yoga, going for a hike or participating in some other physical activity, bring a tea with you — hot or iced — to replenish your body’s liquids.

Protects heart health

Some research points to a connection between tea and a lowered risk for serious heart disease such as heart attacks and blood clots. This is due to the anti-inflammatory properties found in tea which can help reduce the risk of inflammation of the arterial tissue. Some studies also show a potential for tea to decrease high blood pressure and lower cholesterol.

Encourages mental health

There is growing evidence to show that, when combined with a healthy lifestyle, drinking tea regularly lowers the risk of Parkinson’s disease and Alzheimer’s.

Tea also offers a natural calming effect. So at the end of a stressful day, rather than reaching for a glass of wine, consider brewing a pot of tea to help you unwind. Not only will you reduce your alcohol consumption, you’ll also consume less sugars found in wines and other alcoholic beverages. (And you’ll enjoy a better sleep!)

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Aids in digestion

In many cultures, tea is a regular part of the diet. One of those reasons is because its recognized as natural ingredient for dealing with a range of gastro issues from upset stomachs and nausea to diarrhea. It’s used for both treatment and as a preventative measure.

Both ginger tea, for the active ingredient ginger and shogoal, and peppermint, for the antioxidants and menthol, are commonly brewed for their medicinal qualities, helping to soothe the stomach.

So many options

The other beautiful aspect of tea is that it comes in a wide range and variety of flavours offering something for everyone. So whether you enjoy your tea green, black or white, herbal or oolong, a fruity rooibos, or one of the many other teas available, you can take heart in knowing that you’re benefiting your body (and soul) with every sip.

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