BODUM® vs VIVA: Which One Is Better?

Bodum Overview

BODUM® offers stylish coffee, tea, and home goods distributed across 55+ countries. The brand is known for its affordable Scandinavian design and signature French Press coffee maker.

However, since its initial launch in 1044, BODUM® has expanded across several vertices. This includes kitchen electronics and now has several brick-and-mortar shops.

BODUM® Products: Pros and Cons

If you’re a coffee-lover, BODUM® products consistently make “best of” coffee maker lists. The brand is known specifically for its affordable French Press. But it also offers a wide array of beverage and home products.

Not to mention, BODUM® also provides a variety of coffee makers for different brew styles. For example, vacuum, cold brew, or pour-over.

However, there is a downside to the brand’s affordability factor. BODUM® products have been recalled in the past because of manufacturing issues. In addition, some of its products have received poor reviews concerning durability.

VIVA Overview

VIVA is headquartered in downtown Toronto offering modernized teas and accessories. VIVA was founded in 2010 in Denmark and now has European subsidiaries in Belgium and China.

The tea-centric brand believes in curating the perfect experiences for tea drinkers everywhere. This is why VIVA studies tea and its traditional roots to deliver innovative products to its customers.

VIVA Products: Pros and Cons

VIVA is a beloved tea company with a highly curated selection of products. Each one is carefully designed to enhance the tea-drinking experience.

VIVA goes above and beyond, offering an array of high-quality products at affordable prices. This includes travel mugs, tea mugs & cups, teapots, luxury teas, and more. Plus, tea drinkers can shop VIVA’s online outlet for discounts on their favorite products.

One of the few downsides to shopping with VIVA is that the brand is highly focused on tea. So if you’re a coffee drinker, this might not be the best marketplace for you. Although, it’s worth noting that many of VIVA’s products (like the travel mugs) work well for both coffee and tea.

BODUM® vs. VIVA: Product Differences

When it comes to tea, both brands offer quality products at affordable prices. There is also a large overlap between the products that VIVA and BODUM® offer. However, VIVA offers a wider selection of tea accessories. In addition, both brands have their own unique aesthetic.

Cream and Sugar Sets
Double-wall insulated cups
Iced tea makers
Infuser mugs
Strainers and infusers Limited
Travel mugs

BODUM® vs. VIVA: Price Differences

Comparing similar products across both brands, VIVA has higher prices at first glance. For example, VIVA’s Recharge Pro 15 oz. stainless steel leak-proof travel mug is valued at $48.95.

BODUM® offers a similar stainless steel 15 oz. travel mug that’s valued at $32.99. Yet, VIVA travel mugs come with a leak-proof design, an infuser, and patented steep control. BODUM® travel mugs do not. In this case, both brands are comparable in price.


  • Affordably priced
  • Lower sticker prices
  • Less features


  • Affordably priced
  • Higher sticker prices
  • More features

BODUM® vs. VIVA: Material Quality Differences

Both brands offer mugs and other accessories in a variety of materials including:

  • Glass
  • Metal
  • Porcelain
  • Silicone
  • Stainless steel,

However, VIVA has the advantage when it comes to alternative materials. For example, cast iron and wood. In addition, VIVA lets tea lovers browse products by material on their website.


  • Wide variety of quality materials
  • Carries popular choices
  • No cast iron or wood options


  • Wide variety of quality materials
  • Carries popular choices
  • Offers cast iron and wood options

BODUM® vs. VIVA: Design Differences

Both BODUM® and VIVA have very distinct branding. The former features classic, clean Scandinavian design options in various shapes and sizes. For example, BODUM® offers tea kettles ranging in size from 17 oz. to 37 oz. BODUM® also features more primary and secondary colors with their designs.

VIVA instead puts its own modern twist on traditional classics. The brand also has a more subtle color palette across designs. The brand also carries bigger teapots from 10 oz. to upwards of 40 oz.


  • Wide variety of sizing options
  • Skews toward smaller sizes
  • Brighter colors


  • Wide variety of sizing options
  • Skews toward larger sizes
  • Subtle colors

BODUM® vs. VIVA: Similarities

For many coffee and tea lovers, the choice between BODUM® and VIVA may be less obvious:

Coffee and tea options
Similar price points
Large selection of beverage accessories
Carry popular material options like glass and stainless steel
Travel mug collection
Affordable quality

BODUM® vs. VIVA: “The Cool Factor”

At first glance, both BODUM® and VIVA seem to offer a similar experience. But with a closer look, it’s clear that both brands couldn’t be more different from one another.

Each one offers something unique, so let’s break down what makes each brand shine.

Wide selection of products Curated selection of products
Coffee-focused Tea-focused
Older brand Newer brand
Bright color palettes Subtle color palettes
Scandinavian design Contemporary design
Values functional, affordable design Values immersive tea experiences

Final Thoughts

  • If you love coffee, both BODUM® and VIVA have valuable options. However, BODUM® has a stronger coffee focus, whereas VIVA has a stronger tea focus
  • Both brands offer quality products at affordable price points that are also stylish
  • VIVA puts a lot of work into curating products that deliver enhanced tea experiences. BODUM® believes in making the functional design more affordable for the everyday person
  • If you value alternative materials, VIVA has a wider selection (cast iron and wood options)
  • Lastly, if you like intimate collections of highly curated products, it’s VIVA you want
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