Everybody’s talking about our Bjorn teaware collection

We’re very excited to share the news that a number of Canadian magazines and newspapers have featured our Bjorn tea set.

Karl Lohnes writing in The Montreal Gazette and The Saturday Sun highlights the clean-line Scandinavian roots in its design. In Zoomer, Tara Losinki includes the Bjorn in her roundup of selfcare swag for detoxing after a long day. And it’s the centrepiece in Anya Georgijevic’s conversation with our founder and CEO in the pages of The Globe and Mail Style Advisor:

“We were looking to elevate the tea experience and, at the same time, create an object that you can leave out,” says Peng Lin, the CEO of Viva Scandinavia. Lin founded the teaware company in 2010 in his native Denmark and based it on Scandinavian design principles with clean lines and a minimalist aesthetic. The company has since collaborated with international designers such as Jamie Wolfond and Murken Hansen. Among Lin’s favourite vessels is the best-selling Bjorn teapot, a minimalist beauty with subtle curves. Lin recently relocated to Toronto and is excited to introduce Viva Scandinavia to Canadians. “Canada is a big tea country,” he says. “We hope to inspire people to drink more tea and have more time for themselves.”

With an infuser and tray included, the Bjorn is perfect for steeping, serving and adding a Nordic touch to your décor.

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