For Holly Ho, painting and pen pals are on the self-care menu

Holly Ho has been blogging for as long as she can remember, but began taking it seriously in 2014 as a personal creative outlet while working as a graphic designer. While she juggles many balls managing her media business, she follows a few simple rules to keep from feeling overwhelmed.

You can find Holly on Instagram, YouTube and at her blog, Life With Holly.

What was the inspiration for starting your blog?

I wanted to create an outlet where I could be creative and take photos of my favourite items. I also started my YouTube Channel and did a lot of planner + beauty videos. I switched to Life With Holly Lifestyle last July (2019) when I figured out that I wanted to share my life as an entrepreneur through vlogs and create lifestyle videos for my followers.

Where has this adventure as a blogger and YouTube creator taken you?

I’ve had the opportunity to work with a lot of amazing brands that I love. I used to do more press trips and events before the pandemic, and it was always nice to meet new people in the same industry as me and able to meet small businesses in my city! I’ve definitely learned a lot about myself since starting a blog and YouTube Channel and have learned a lot about running multiple businesses.

When and HOW in your busy schedule do you find time for yourself?

I always set a timeframe for my job. Since I am an entrepreneur, I tend to want to work all the time! I always make sure that I end work right before dinner and give the rest of the evening for myself.

How do you enjoy drinking tea: on the go, at home, or at work?

I mainly drink tea in the evening because it’s so relaxing. I would definitely drink hot tea in the colder months and iced tea in the warmer months. I love using my new Recharge Tumbler for iced tea when I am heading out for meetings. It can stay in my car and I can stay hydrated after a long meeting.

Do you have any self-care routines or relaxing routines?

I love baths and face masks, but I mainly journal and give myself some creative time in the evening. Sometimes I watercolour or reply to pen pal letters.

How do you make your tea time experience more relaxing?

I love tea accessories to keep the tea experience more fun and relaxing. A cute tray, tea pot and matching cup can set the mood!

How do you stay connected with people you care about in these challenging times when we can’t all necessarily be together in person?

Show up on social media. This is the time to start sharing your life on social media (good and bad) and connect with your audience and peers.

What are some tips you would share with people to find calmness and peace in these challenging times?

Try journaling! Grab a cup of tea and find a space that makes you feel calm + relaxed. Grab a notebook or dedicated journal and write down your thoughts. You can do this daily or weekly!

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