Beyond the tea set: 3 essential items for your cupboard

Cake Stand

It’s Sunday afternoon, and guests have dropped in unexpectedly. If you’re lucky, you baked yesterday. Otherwise, you have a few cookies in the cupboard, a handful of baked goods left over from breakfast, and some fresh fruit to serve with your tea.

Don’t despair. You can easily elevate this entertaining experience with this one simple item.

A cake stand is the first item on our list of unexpected essentials for this very reason. It can make your baking masterpiece shine or quickly dress up a random selection of sweet treats to impress your guests.

There are many options available varying in style, materials and price points depending on your personal taste and budget – from ornate to plain, high end to low end.

Our SENSES Etagere Cake Stand, for instance, is a mid-priced cake stand made from premium porcelain and brass. Its minimalist design will fit into any kitchen décor. And, as your perfect tea party companion, it works hard to highlight your sweet treats rather than draw attention to itself.

Accurate Teaspoon

Perfect tea-making is an art.

Measuring the right proportions is the first important step to a balanced brew. This is especially true when brewing with premium loose leaf teas.

Not all teaspoons are created equal. So unless you’re using a measuring spoon, the teaspoon in your cutlery drawer might not actually be giving you a accurate measurement.

Finding yourself a precise teaspoon is key to a no-brainer cup of tea. That’s why we’ve included it as our second essential item.

The PURE Teaspoon, for instance, has a few key features. The stainless steel bowl is round and deep. One level scoop is 1 teaspoon – guaranteed and easy to remember. The bowl fits into all containers and the shape allows you to scoop a much tea from the bottom of the container as possible. You can also pour fragments of tea from the container into the spoon while keeping the tea contained. It also has a perfectly sized wooden neck and handle to allow you to reach all the way into your bag or container of tea to get to every last bit. Cleanup is easy – just wipe the bowl of the spoon with a cloth.

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Tea Timer

Timing is everything when it comes to brewing the perfect cup of tea. And if you drink different types of tea, you know each has its own steeping time.

Perhaps you judge your brew’s readiness by colour or by smell. That’s fine but imprecise. Without some sort of timing, your tea is likely to end up one of two different ways: the impatient understeep or the distracted overstep.

Whichever the outcome, you don’t want to spoil your favourite luxury loose leaf tea with a miscalculated steep.

A tea timer will help take the guesswork out of the steeping time. Simply set it, and let it do all the work.

Too often at my house, I set the timer on the stove, walk away to work, and straight-up don’t hear it beep. That’s why I like something portable such as the portable MINIMA Tea Timer that I can carry with me into the living room or my home office and leave on my desk next to me so I get the perfect steep every time. Primarily made of wood, the MINIMA brings a natural look that adds a touch of Scandinavian design to my otherwise modern North American home décor.

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