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6 ways to recognize Valentine’s Day during COVID-19

Valentine’s Day is coming up and, for many, celebrating will look a little different this year.

For some of us, we can’t spend the day with the ones we care about in person. For others, we’ve been spending a tremendous amount time with the same people and could use some ideas on how to mix things up.

Here are six ways you can celebrate Valentine’s Day — alone or with loved ones — during COVID-19.

Connect with an old friend

You may already have reached out to old contacts earlier in the pandemic. Or maybe you haven’t taken that opportunity yet. Whichever your situation, Valentine’s Day is a great excuse to organize a call or video chat with an acquaintance and catch up on their life.

It can be a quick phone call to simply say hello. Or you can schedule a block of time in the afternoon or evening for a longer conversation over video chat — brew your favourite tea, grab a snack and sit down someplace comfy with your friend in your earbuds.

Whichever you choose, simply letting the other person know you’re thinking about them is enough to make them feeling loved.

Focus on yourself

Of all years, this is a great opportunity to take time to work on your self-esteem and build a hopeful outlook on life. 

Look back on your recent accomplishments, both small and big. Consider how you reached those achievements, and write down why you’re proud of them. Look at your goals for this year and contemplate how you’ll achieve them. Taking that time will both help you feel more connected to yourself and offer you the mental space to build a positive outlook. 

If you enjoy how this makes you feel, it scratches the surface of practicing a mindful lifestyle.

Take a long walk with your partner

Even when many businesses and attractions are closed, we can still get out for a walk. It’s an active way to spend some time with your partner without the pressure of needing to spark romance.

We aren’t talking about hiking up a mountain trail. Find a new walking path either in your neighbourhood or further afield and take the time for a leisurely stroll. This allows you to strip away the worries and distractions at home to focus on your partner and have a conversation to help you connect with one another.

Make it interactive

If your family include young kids at home, use Valentine’s Day as an excuse to throw a little party. While children have demonstrated considerable resilience through this difficult time, many are suffering from mental and emotional fatigue and exhibiting symptoms of depression from lack of contact with peers, especially those kids who have been learning at home due to school closures.

Set up a fun environment to give them the emotional boost they need. It doesn’t need to be over the top. Simply decorate with balloons and streamers, bake some sweet treats and participate in an interactive activity together like playing a board game, having a dance party or singing karaoke. (Save Netflix for another night.) 

Share a meal together – virtually

This one can be fun and make you feel closer to the person — or people— on the other end of your Zoom call. 

This one is inspired in part by a couple of virtual cooking classes we’ve recently done.

Pick a night. Grab some friends. Choose a new recipe that each will make at their home. Then sit down together and chat about food and life. 

Looking for a bit of a twist? Have one of the friends choose a favourite dish and then lead the rest of the group through the cooking!

Make sure to indulge a little and pick up some luxury ingredients for the dish and yummy appetizers.

Not into cooking? That’s okay! You can all order a similar takeout meal from your local restaurant and enjoy eating together while apart. It’s all in the spirit of enjoying a shared experience.

Treat yourself

  • Maybe you want to keep it super simple. In that case, Valentine’s Days is a prefect opportunity for some self-care.
  • Take a bath with some lovely aromatics
  • Retail therapy – support a local retailer (either in person, curtsied pick up or online) with a guilty pleasure purchase
  • Listen to your favourite music, but elevate the experience by setting the scene with mood lighting and a beverage of choice
  • Indulge in a creative activity like journaling, painting, puzzle making, or your favourite craft 

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