Tea Talk with Mama Ash, Erica Ashmore

When and HOW in your busy schedule do you find time for yourself?

I sneak in a couple of ways of finding time for myself and it always involves me and tea.  I love waking up early before everyone else.  I’ll brew a tea, sit down and listen to the news, get breakfast ready for the kids and slowly get them up.  I love that early morning feel of a quiet house.  I also end the day with a cuppa as well.  Once everyone is settled into their beds, I go to the kitchen and make a pot and head to the basement and watch a show with my husband.

How do you enjoy drinking tea? On the go? Or at home? At work?

I really enjoy drinking a good herbal tea at home and when I am on the go. I love picking up a London Fog.  Stella’s in Winnipeg makes an amazing London Fog!

How do you make your tea time experience more relaxing?

Well, tea drinking is already part of my daily rhythm. I have my favourite mug (one of yours), I’ll pick a tea that I am craving based on the herbs I like, brew it right, and I may even have a little sweet treat to go with it.  Even indulging in local honey flavoured with lavender or lemon, for example, as it adds an extra bit of love to my cuppa.

What a great idea! I never thought of lavender infused honey! Sounds like that could really enhance your tea experience!

TV, reading or podcasts? What are you into right now?

I love watching a good series on TV. Crime, love stories and comedies are always my go-to. For podcasts, I love listening to my friend Pina Crispo from The Parenting Show, #MomTruths with Cat & Nat are just some of the podcasts I’m checking out.  I’ve yet to find a really good book to indulge in.  The last time I read a book was when I was pregnant with my first and it was a Phillipa Gregory book.

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