Tea Talk with Keisha

Keisha is a mom of 2 and writes full time for her blog Loving Littles Blog, which she describes as a “space dedicated to the modern mom.” She shares stories of life and style, beauty and DIY for other moms and their littles.

Hi Keisha! First off, happy belated 33rd birthday! Your latest blog post about turning 33 is very inspiring and your photos are so fun. I love how you included your kids.

During your day, when and HOW do you find time for yourself?

Ooohhh boy, well, now that both kids are in school it’s been glorious. I really try to maintain a healthy balance of work and play during the week while they’re in school. So I do get a lot more time to myself now more than ever and lets face it my work is totally play to! I’m pretty lucky.

How do you enjoy drinking tea: on the go or at home?

All of the above! Ha ha! But I absolutely love having one right before bedtime in bed reading a book. Calms me from my busy day and it’s totally my zen moment.

How do you make your tea time experience more relaxing?

I really try not to have too many busy distractions around me. For myself, drinking tea is also a social thing so I like mixing it up. Either enjoying it with friends or alone with a cozy blanket.

Let’s talk about that zen moment. How do you wind down from a busy day?

Took me awhile to really carve out this routine. But normally I get the kids into bed early, make my tea, grab my book or podcast and head upstairs to bed. I normally head to bed pretty early but just to unwind before actually falling asleep!

It took me a while to get mine down pat too. I would get so distracted with everything else, it wouldn’t be a true “wind down” then I’d have such a hard time falling asleep!

What kind of tea do you enjoy at night?

I usually like a chamomile at night! Earl grey during the day.

Last question! TV, reading or podcasts? What are you into right now?

Reading and podcasts. I love listening to podcasts because I totally get more multi-tasking in. I can work or clean the house while enjoying those two things.

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