Hazy Blue ushers in the changing season

Heavy mist floating along a mountain range on a cool fall morning. The sky on a crisp afternoon as you stroll along the rolling hillside.

With autumn officially upon us, these are some of the images where our minds wander as we contemplate the changing season.

Our JAIMI Teapot

Hazy Blue, one of the more popular colours making its appearance in 2019, evokes these scenes and offers an element of countryside tranquility mixed with serene energy to a modern, urban home decor. An ideal colour to inspire a relaxing tea experience to connect our inner and outer selves.

It represents vitality, balance and joy, says colour and trend consultant Nina Bruun. “The colour is life-giving and energizing and it spreads joy — something that goes well with VIVA’s expression, vision and message.”

Marc Jacobs FA 2019

From Gucci belted trench coats to Marc Jacobs capes, moody, muted blues are making a statement on runways this season, adding a sense of serenity to every look.

“It’s one of the colours we’ll see more of,” says Bruun. “There’s a large focus on colours that don’t appeal to only one gender. These colours will most often have a broad reach, and they have great odds for being long lasting, which makes sense to the conscious consumer.”

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