Work from Home Guide: Teaware essentials

Our essentials list will help you stay alert — physically, mentally and emotionally — and help you be more productive throughout the day!

Minima Balance

This porcelain mug will become your favourite tea time companion. You’ll love how easy it is to brew tea to perfection right there in the mug. No teapot required. Once you’re ready to drink, simply remove the filter and use the lid as a saucer to rest the infuser. As with all thoughtfully designed items, everything fits together flawlessly.


Cortica Selection

Glass is the ideal material to store your loose leaf tea. This practical and stylish trio offer a simple and clean design, and allows your loose leaf teas to make a powerful impression. Fill the bottles with your favourite teas like chai, matcha or rose and savour the rich palette of colours glowing inside these delectable bottles. Let each of your loose leaf teas share its story as you debate which to enjoy as you ready yourself to tackle your day.

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Pure Teaspoon

It’s so easy to forget how much tea to put in when your brain has been working overtime. Although this seems simple, perfect tea-making is an art. And no one can pull off a work of art when they’re in this state.

You need a tool to help you make that perfect cup every time without much effort. You need the Pure Teaspoon. All you need to remember is one for one. One teaspoon for one cup of tea. Problem solved.

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Elmwood Assam Tea

This delicious second flush (late summer) tea from the Assam region of India is slightly tippy with a beautifully curled leaf. The cup has a big mouthfeel (think Cabernet Sauvignon) with a long finish that is very satisfying. You may add milk if you wish but this is primarily an affordable Assam that is a self-drinker, meaning you don’t have to make any additions to improve your tea drinking experience. Makes a great morning tea as well!

This single estate tea yields a rich full-bodied cup devoid of the brassy notes often found in lesser grades. Greenwood Tea Estate is one of the best-known gardens located in the legendary Assam region of Northeast India.

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