Tea talk with Reg Lok Von

I admire people who appear to be able to do it all and do it with a smile! I sat down for a cup of tea with Reg Lok Von. Based in Vancouver, she is a kinesiologist, mom of two, and runs her lifestyle and wellness blog Nourish Through Movement. If you follow her on Instagram (@reglokv) she shares easy ways to encourage movement in one’s life and how to feel good doing it. Follow her and you’ll quickly see that she loves a good matcha latte and is obsessed with home decor. 

Reg, you are amazing. You run your own business, you blog, you are on Instagram story all the time, you’re a parent! When and how in your busy schedule do you find time for yourself? 

It’s not easy! I like to unwind every night, with something small like a show or simply moving furniture around. I also like to stay active. Going to the gym or hike really helps me reset.

Your unwinding routine sounds similar to mine. I usually enjoy a cup of tea each night. How do you make your tea time experience more relaxing? 

The couch! I love sitting on the couch because I don’t get to do it much (I’m always running around cleaning, picking up after my girls, prepping for the next thing.) Sitting on the couch with a mug of piping hot tea resting on my lap or hugging my thermal mug is the best.

When you do manage to find time for yourself, are you usually watching TV, reading or listening to podcasts? What are you into right now?

TV and podcasts. I do some reading but it’s not consistent. I love The Social podcast anbd show, Armchair Expert podcast and I’m into any drama shows. I love classics like Grey’s Anatomy and Gilmore Girls, Parenthood.

Let’s talk energy. Where do you get it from? What’s your favourite kind of tea? 

Matcha and Earl Grey latte.

How do you enjoy drinking it? On the go? Or at home? At work?

All three! I always have a to-go cup with me. 

Follow Reg on Instagram at @reglokv and learn something new about wellness and moving your body on her blog Nourish Through Movement

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