Tea Talk with Tanya Connor from Millennial Motherhood

What keeps you busy during the day?

When I’m not running my blog, Millennial Motherhood, I am looking after my kiddos, painting, making memories outside, gardening, or creating content for companies or myself.

When and how in your busy schedule do you find time for yourself?

Having two kids, it can be tough. But I try to wake up early and get a head start on my day. I have time to myself in two-hour blocks these days. Having two hours before the kids wake up to make breakfast for myself, check my emails, see what’s going on in the media. Once nap time rolls around, I get another two hours to myself to do some work, drink some tea, have some lunch, tidy up our home. When the kids are in bed in the evening, I have been bad for staying up late to have more “me” time. But recently I started to do a nighttime routine for myself again, which has been much better than staying up late binging Netflix. My nighttime routine is skin care, murder mystery podcast and chamomile tea. I haven’t been able to get into a good book recently.

How do you enjoy drinking tea: on the go, at home or at work?

Currently, I am a mama on maternity leave. But I love drinking tea throughout the day whether it be at home, on the go or while I was at work. I actually left my kettle at work by accident so I guess it’s now a community kettle! 

How do you make your tea time experience more relaxing?

I really do love loose leaf tea and find just the whole process of getting the tea ready in the teapot so relaxing in itself. It’s like a ritual. I love being able to have more than one cup of tea in a sitting and not having to go boil more water. 

What kind of tea do you like to give you an energy boost?

I like to have a English breakfast blend to keep my energy going or just a good ol’ peppermint tea seems energizing without the caffeine!

TV, reading or podcasts? What are you into right now?

Podcast! I love my murder mystery but I have been loving Approachable by Samantha Ravndahl and Alyssa Anderson.

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