Tea Talk with Jee from Oh So Civilized

When do you find time for yourself?

Afternoons are the perfect time for me to take a tea break to recharge and get a little caffeine boost.

Why tea? How did you get into drinking tea?

I first got into tea when I would go for afternoon tea and realized that not all places serve their tea the same way. The more I drank tea, the more I realized the differences and began appreciating it more.

What’s your favourite kind of tea?

Taiwanese oolongs are my favorite right now.

How do you enjoy drinking it?

I’m in Florida so I’m drinking it cold brewed! It’s the best way to make iced tea.

What are your favourite Iced Tea recipes? 

I love dark roasted oolong cold brew tea. I drink it all day in the summer. Here’s a link on how to make Cold Brew Iced Tea.

How do you make your tea time experience more relaxing?

I like to focus on the tea and just the tea.

TV, reading or podcasts? What are you into right now (what book/show/podcast)?

I’m listening to David Sedaris’ audiobook, Calypso right now and it’s really amusing.

You can find Jee every day at OhHowCivilized.com

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