Don’t let our tea-rrifying collection spook you

You’ve blown out the candle of your jack-o’-lantern masterpiece. The trick or treaters are tucked away in their beds. The doorbell is silent. A bowl of leftover chocolate rests on the table.

Finally, some you time. You turn down the lights and snuggle up on the couch.

But wait, what’s that sound? Are you getting the feeling that somebody’s watching you? Well, shake off your superstitions. Let VIVA’s lineup of Halloween inspired teas and teaware put a spell on you and chase away the ghostly sensation.

Get into the spirit of the holiday by brewing up a comforting potion with one of our seasonal teas. Choose from cinnamon spice for a comforting aroma, an Elmwood bourbon black tea to match the dark night, or get lost in an Elmwood labryrinth blend of ayurvedic herbs and green tea.

Pair them with our Nicola teaware. Select our porcelain teapot, cup pair, or milk and sugar set. Choose from ghostly white or black cat!

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