Impress your guests with these tea tips

Loren Stanley (Perfect Blend member): I sometimes make a tea pop. I got the idea from David’s Tea.

  • 4 tsp of tea
  • 6 oz of water
  • brew to the tea time
  • pour over ice
  • add soda water (flavoured or plain), then you have tea pop!

Rebecca Downey (Perfect Blend member): I do the ice tea cubes from time to time. I also make tea pops. My favourite though is having a pitcher of double-strong, double-sweet tea in my fridge to be poured over ice or cut with soda water at my leisure. 🙂

Sabbi Merz (Perfect Blend member): You can also do other flavour ice cubes like juice or something to add a little extra flavour to your tea — if that is not already flavoured! 😊

Life with Holly: I like making earl grey tea for friends and family.

I make sure to create a nice setting by using my Isabella teapot and have cream & sugar ready on the side if they need it!

Reg Lok: I love making a matcha latte for friends when they come over. The key is really good matcha and a good froth! So yummy over ice in the summer! Matcha mixed with lemonade is my current go-to!


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