Five tea colors that reveal your personality

Maybe you’ve heard how colors can influence what we buy and the way we behave.  

And perhaps you’ve also heard how our affinity for certain colors can actually shape our perceptions.

But what might colors say about our personalities? And what might our favourite color of tea possibly reveal about us?


Black tea is rich, flavourful and serious. It states, “I’m here to work.”

Fans of black tea are energetic and inquisitive individuals. They possess a quiet, serious disposition. They are also formal and have the ability to find a logical and inner peace in an otherwise chaotic environment.


Green is both subdued and bold.

Often associated with nature, health and growth, green tea can represent harmony and peace. However, as a powerhouse of antioxidants, it also represents energy and freshness. Green seeks out an equilibrium between mind and body.

Green tea drinkers have the capacity for genuine thoughtfulness and creating a relaxed and welcoming atmosphere to live and work in.


The counterpoint to black tea. White is light-bodied, smooth and fragrant. Where black is bold in its formality, white represents a delicate flavour bringing to mind the finer things in life.

Your enjoyment of white tea reflects stability and balance. You enjoy cleanliness, purity and simplicity. You’re even-tempered.


The most expensive tea is the world is an oolong known as Big Red Robe.  

And its big, brash name also mirrors this tea’s characteristics: determination, confidence and desire.

This tea is often preferred by romantic couples for its bright colour and floral flavour.

But it is also attractive to people who are energetic, passionate about life and work, and whose values include equality and peace. Red tea drinkers usually make for good friends and revel in what life has to offer.


Rarest among classes of tea, yellow tea is only grown in a few provinces in China, high in the mountains.

Raised so close to the sun, this could be where it gets its color and special personality traits.

The brightest tea color is a mirror to the sunniest of tea drinkers. Yellow brings to mind sunny summer afternoons in pastoral settings, or an idyllic beach holiday. Fans of yellow tea tend to be full of joy in what each day has to offer and have a fair amount of energy to share.

Fans of yellow teas are creative thinkers and helpful. They are known to follow their gut when making decisions.

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