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Sparkling teas – good to the last pop

Stop the presses! The sparkling tea trend is spreading.

The last time we wrote about sparkling tea, we introduced you to UK-based grocer Fortnum & Mason’s non-alcoholic version worthy of ringing in the new year. Not only have they since expanded their line of beverages, but more brands have entered the spotlight and are brewing up their own tasty versions.

Fortnum & Mason

Fortnum & Mason have three flavours of sparkling tea available.

The first in the original Fortnum’s Sparkling Tea, a non-alcoholic beverage. It features notes of tropical fruits on the nose precede a palate of lemongrass, water mint and Darjeeling, leading into drier tannins and a long-lasting hint of jasmine on the finish.

The Fortnum Rose Sparkling is also non-alcoholic. It’s drier than the original, with a pale pink hue and a subtle sweetness – using hibiscus alongside even more tea per litre than the original.

The Fortnum’s Winter Sparkling Tea features a low 5% alcoholic content for someone looking to replace a sparkling wine or Prosecco in their wintertime celebration. Bottled inside is a festive journey of warming spices, with notes of homemade apple pie, lebkuchen and stollen. The beverage blends two different organic chai teas alongside a complement of Fortnum’s famous Oolong and Darjeeling, as well as Silver Needle and Jasmine Teas. A rich flavour combination to warm your insides while the mercury dips and the winter weather blows outside.

Copenhagen Tea Company

The Copenhagen Tea Company may be the progenitor of sparkling tea. As their story goes, the beverage was developed by sommelier Jacob Kocemba when he couldn’t find a wine to pair with a dessert. You can read more about what happened next on their website.

They brew five flavours of sparkling tea — two non-alcoholic and three featuring 5% alcohol.  

Lyserød is a 0% sparkling rose blends Oolong tea and Silver Needle combined with hints of blackberries and hibiscus. The finish features light bitter fruity notes.

Blå is another in the company’s link of alcohol-free teas. It is both vegan friendly and organic. Made from a selection of white tea, green tea, and Darjeeling first flush, it features aromas of Jasmine, chamomile and a hint of citrus.

Grøn, Rød and Vinter each feature 5% alcohol and offers something for everyone with flavours ranging from lemongrass, citrus, and ginger to Earl Grey and chai blend. Explore these tantalizing options.

Bell & Co.

The final entries in our list are two non-alcoholic options by Belle & Co. Previously called Bees Knees, their “white” and rose sparkling teas combine sparkling fermented grape juice blended with premium green tea.

There are other sparkling non-alcoholic teas on the market by companies such as San Pelligrino, but the ones listed here are more premium and come in fancy 

Make your own

Can’t find a retailer who will ship to you in time for your holiday celebration? Try making your own. Check out the recipes we’ve published here.

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